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I couldn't lift my arm up because of the unprovoked pain in my shoulder. Ms Neşe instantly healed the pain by 80% with acupuncture to the head area and in the following days the pain is completely over, I move my arm comfortably. I go to him every now and then for the obvious pain, and I thank him very much for his desire for improvement other than his interest and interest.

I went to Ms. Neşe on her recommendation. My herniated disc causes me to go to bed at least twice a year. There was no specialist doctor I did not go to, none of them were effective. When I went to Ms. Neşe, I was bedridden, literally unable to see my personal needs. I got out of that door that I entered by being dragged by my wife's arm, first thanks to God, and then thanks to Ms. Neşe. When Ms. Neşe told me to get up after the treatment, I asked my wife to help me, but she said get up yourself and I got up scared. I put on my shoes and stood up without feeling any pain. It was a miracle for me, hard to believe, but true. I wouldn't believe it if someone told me like that, but it's true, May God bless Ms. Neşe, she is a sincere and expert. Best regards.

I went to Ms. Nese, saying that I was dying. Sitting down was torture for me. Thank you, she made a lot of effort for me. She tried many ways for my persistent neck pain. With acupuncture, the lumbar stomach and depression were greatly improved. My neck pain is relieved, thank you. She thinks and takes care of patient like her own relatives. You can reach her at any time. She is very sincere and kind. Good to know her. God bless her and her hands.

I went to her because of my neck and back pain, now I regularly have cupping treatment. My pain has decreased by 90%.

Ms. Nese approaches her patients very devotedly and result-oriented. My father is much better thanks to her. Thank you for everything.

When I came to Ms. Nese, I could not walk. I took the elevator up to his room and down the stairs. I had a lot of complaints. Acupuncture is like a miracle. If it's the experience and the right person's hands.

I'm going to Miss Neşe for my migraines and neck back pains. I saw the effect in the first session with manual therapy, my migraine attacks decreased, my neck and back pains went away. The great thing about being a painkiller is that I said goodbye to painkillers after the sessions. One of the people who does his job very well is Ms. Neşe. I thank him a lot.

Before I started treatment with miss Neşe, I was suffering from severe arm pain. I had numbness in my fingers and loss of sensation. Sometimes I woke up at night from the pain in my arms. After I started treatment with miss Neşe, I found that the pain in my arms and fingers was greatly reduced. I didn't really believe in manual therapy at first. When I saw that the result was successful and had a positive result, my opinions changed. I was also surprised that the treatment from the head and ear affected all organs of the body. I would recommend miss Neşe to anyone who has trouble with these issues.

Yes, it is very nice that people find healing, Ms. Nese was a miracle for me, you might find it hard to believe, but even I could not imagine that I would be this good after the session. First of all, I am standing thanks to GOD and then Ms. Nese, thank goodness

My constant headaches and neck problems ended as a result of the procedure performed by ms Neşe. It's been over a year since I've had treatment, and thankfully I never had that kind of headache or neck pain again. God bless Ms. Neşe.

My long-standing neck and headache and the trouble I had in turning my neck to the right and left came to an end, thank you, Ms. Nese.