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Physiotherapist Neşe ÇORA

Physio-Holistic Manual Therapy and Massage Center

Our Vision

It is to ensure that our clients become physically and mentally optimum health with effective and safe methods such as physical therapy devices, manual therapy techniques, alternative and holistic medicine techniques.

Our Mission

It is to evaluate our clients one by one and with a holistic perspective, to prepare a personalized diagnosis, analysis and treatment program on the basis of the principle of 'There is no disease, there are patients', to provide services within our fields of expertise in order to achieve general health status and improve their quality of life.

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We have expertise in all the issues we serve and we pass this knowledge on to you. We are constantly renewing ourselves for all the patients we support, and for this we continue to go through a training process that goes beyond itself. It’s our pleasure to sharing our experience with you.

The Manual Therapy

The manual therapy is a form of treatment that can be applied in all disorders concerning the musculoskeletal system and is carried out with completely evidence-based medical knowledge. In other words, manual therapy is applied in all diseases that involve physical therapy.

The Traditional Complementary Medicine Practices

In the therapies, the problems of the person are handled in every aspect, the integrity of the mind, soul and body is taken into consideration, and the person is tried to be purified from the discomfort by bringing a general balance and harmony.

Neurological Rehabilitation

This is a rehabilitation practice that is resorted to in case of peripheral and central nervous system-related injuries. Within the scope of neurological diseases, neurological rehabilitation of these many diseases is provided with different methods.

The Orthopedic Rehabilitation

It is a specialized subunit of physical therapy and rehabilitation and offers treatment options based on scientific basis in the treatment of many diseases in the musculoskeletal system. With the orthopedic rehabilitation program, the aim is to eliminate muscle and joint stiffness, as well as to maximize the functionality of the patient and to restore the normal level of activity.

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With the strength and support we receive from our patients, we strive to offer the best to our patients by increasing our experience day by day. By combining the latest technology with years of experience and experience, we have made it our most basic task to share the most accurate improvement techniques with you.
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A Balanced Spine is the Foundation of Health and Peace.

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